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About us

our history

It all began in 2002. Back then, Tomas R÷▀ner developed the first frame which used adapter pieces to hold the servo. It was made for Graupner┤s C351, a servo that was popular for aileron at that time. At first we only used the frames in our own models to see if they worked at all. As soon as we were sure to have a good servo mounting system we organised the distribution. In the beginning Michael sold frames at competitions across Europe, then came our first website. There was no online-shop, all orders were sent via eMail. From the beginning we were convinced that also our customers from foreign countries deserve our trust, thus we never sold our frames with prepayment or C.o.D.

On 1st January 2007 we founded the Servorahmen GmbH and today we deliver frames to customers from all across the EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa and Brazil.