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Thomas Rößner

Thomas Rößner is 43 years old and a model pilot for approximately the same time. He is an active F3J competition pilot and has been Team Manager of the german F3J-Team several times.

He is also the inventor of the servoframe.

He lives in Babenhausen, Germany and works for Solidtec (rapid prototyping).



French Fries or Sushi?

I like Sushi a lot, French Fries not!

Car or bicycle?

My bike is only an alibi

work or be stingy?

for the time being I work

Umbrella or running?

Running is not possible thanks to a foot injury. Therefore I enjoy warm summer rains!

Hotel or tent?

I own a motor home, but I prefer a fixed bed.

queue-jumping or be late?

Unfortunately I´m late often, but I never jump the queue

Your first own CD/Cassette/record?

is scheduled to be released on 1.4.2351



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